The Fault in Our Stars

Please. This is the best book. Ever. If you haven’t read it, you better! I really loved this book, even though the “theme” isn’t really my type. But hey, what can I do when everyone around me has read it and gone crazy about how good this book is. Go check on a website about what this book is about… it maybe not sound so interesting, but once you read it, you will think much differently about the book. Try it!

But… John Green is the king of authors. Just saying. Oh, right, John Green wrote The Fault in Our Stars. He has a YouTube too… I think it’s the VlogBrothers? Correct me if i’m wrong.




The Goddess Test

Hey it’s Charlotte here… and this is my new blog! Anyways so have any of you read The Goddess Test Series by Aimee Carter? It’s pretty good, actually. You can go check it out on some websites, because I have a habit of spoiling books… #oops. Well I’ll sometimes tell you about books that I write a review on myself…soo…yeah.

charlotte ♡